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November 28, 2007
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Shiva and Kali on the hunt by jubjubjedi Shiva and Kali on the hunt by jubjubjedi
Yet even more concept work for my Lord of Light project, this time, a depiction of Shiva and a helmet-less Kali in the midground. Shiva's ship, called the "Thunder Chariot", is in the background.
Shiva is a minor character in the book, but I figured that it would be cool to have a Boba-Fett-type character, at least the kind that was in the original Star Wars trilogy. You know, quiet and mysterious, but packs a wallop. He sports 2 independently functioning shoulder mounted weapons, 1 is a sonic weapon and 1 is a flame weapon. Shiva, in Hindu myth, usually has 4 arms and usually carries a trident and a drum, among other things, such as fire. I used these details as cues for his weapons. Like Vishnu, he has a third eye on his forehead. Together with Brahma and Vishnu, they form the Trimurti.

"Trimurti, composed of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, rule in Heaven. However, Brahma is weak-spirited, mostly concerned with "his" manliness, since "he" is a reincarnated lesbian woman. Shiva is an "old warhorse" whose main power is a trident made by Yama, which can kill or disintegrate. Shiva also uses the "Thunder Chariot" a nuclear powered aircraft. Vishnu, the Preserver, was the architect of the place called Heaven, but is a passive god who goes along with Brahma's machinations, which in turn seem to be driven by the influence of Kali and Ganesha."

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Pratyasha May 8, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
From where did you get the above description of Trimurti in Hindu mythology? Because it is absolutely non-sense. :crash:
This is not based on Hindu mythology, it is based on a science-fiction novel.
Pratyasha May 9, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
ok, no problem. Then it means, the novel itself has twisted the meaning and symbolism present in the mythology in a idiotic way. :)
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You Should Do This In Colour
Hey! I actually have a colored version of this character in my gallery, thanks for looking!
LOL!!! WHOA!! I love how you made them look so sci-fi, its really well done, let me know when you done making the story, would love to read it as well.

If you don't mind a friendly opinion, the changes made onto the characters making them look more sci-fi might be slightly overdone as its hard to see any of the original images of whom they are really suppose to be.

But if thats the way you want them to be, then go with it mate, its still cool looking, its just that I would never have known that it was Shiva by the looks of it :P
Glad you like it!

It's not my story, it's a sci-fi novel written in the 60's called Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny.

But yeah, they look sci-fi because because, well, it's a sci-fi novel. Though I admit that I felt the need to update their looks rather that base it off of the old fashioned descriptions in the novel.

Shiva has the third eye, trident weapon, and snake motiff (among other things) that are common details seen in popular Indian art of that particular deity, though I didn't feel the need to overtly make it look like those images.
Very cool picture, thx for the favourite.
i love how you rendered the character Shiva!! nice
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